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MathsReach is a resource for teachers, students and careers advisers: Its aims are:

  • To bring some of the big nasties of maths (like infinity and cryptography) down to a digestible level.
  • To show how maths is all around us, a part of everyday life such as asthma research and steel mills.
  • To provide opportunities for people to see the mathematics that lies beyond the classroom.

The Pigeonhole Principle - if n items are placed into m pigeonholes, where n > m, at least one pigeonhole will contain more than one item

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MathsReach is an outreach initiative of the New Zealand Insitute of Mathematics and its Applications (NZIMA). The NZ Institute of Mathematics & its Applications is one of the first five Centres of Research Excellence selected for NZ in 2002.

Headed by Fields Medallist Vaughan Jones DCNZM DSc FRS FRSNZ and Marston Conder DSc FRSNZ, the NZIMA involves most of the leading pure and applied mathematicians and statisticians from across NZ.

The NZIMA's vision is to become one of the world's leading research institutes in the mathematical sciences, known nationally and internationally for high quality fundamental research, for innovative and beneficial application of mathematical, statistical and computational techniques, for engagement with relevant communities, and for nurturing the next generation of mathematicians.


The NZIMA would like to thank all the individuals who have made this project possible. This includes:

  • Margaret Woolgrove - project manager
  • Robert Carter of the University of Auckland - website content management
  • Neil Morrison of the University of Auckland - filming, directing and editing of video clips
  • John Glass of Tin Roof Productions - interviewing
  • Jenny Rankine of Words and Pictures - graphic design, science writing and interviewing
  • Judy Paterson - teacher adviser
  • Anna Meyer - science writing
  • Susan Timberlake - graphic design
  • Lisa Williams and eNet - original design concepts
  • Air New Zealand - airline footage

Thanks also to the many other people who have helped in ways too numerous to mention.

And thanks to all those who agreed to be filmed:

Jennifer Brown, Megan Clark, Rod Downey, Marcus du Sautoy, Alex James, Vaughan Jones, Michael Langston, Brendan McKay, Benjamin Martin, Charles Semple, Philip Sharp, James Sneyd, Mike Steel, Geoff Whittle

University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019 Auckland
New Zealand
+64 9 373 7599 x82025