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There are lots of interesting general maths sites around, many of which are listed on the "cool sites" page of the NZAMT website.
Some to check out include:

  • Why Do Math? is a website that highlights mathematical and computational tools that can solve problems across a wide range of areas and emphasizes exciting applications in which mathematical analysis has provided unique insights
  • Maths by Email is a free, weekly e-newsletter produced by CSIRO Education, in partnership with the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute for anyone with an interest in maths.
  • Engaging Mathematics Activities Stories, applications, anecdotes, puzzles, interaction, games. This site contains links to resources that can help in planning and delivering rich tasks in the classroom (Royal Institution of Great Britain)
  • Math Awareness Month (American site) Click on a theme year (eg 2006 Mathematics and Art) then click on "Theme Essays" under Resources in the left hand tab.

Maths in Movies

There are several sites that list movies about maths or that contain some maths. A few links are provided below to get you started:

  • MathBits - this site has movie clip descriptions with associated math worksheets.
Please note: none of the above links are "endorsed" - they are provided for information only.